Sterling Shelf Liners Value Pack Rigid Non-Adhesive Shelf Liner, Wall Cabinet (6PK): 10.65” X 34.31” -Transparent Clear


Sterling Shelf Liners revolutionize the shelf liner industry, marrying never before seen ease of installation, protection, quality, longevity, function, and beauty. The Sterling Shelf Liner eliminates all the hassle of installing shelf liners, and replaces it with the easiest to install and highest quality product on the market. Our rigid plastic non-adhesive shelf liner offers the upmost protection from spills, stains, scratches, and damage. It comes pre-sized to fit most standard kitchen cabinets and can be installed in seconds, just by placing the rigid liner on top of the shelf. The product is easily removable, extremely durable, long lasting, and can also be hand washed with soap and water, for easy cleaning. Sterling’s unique patterns allow you to bring art to your everyday shelves and life.